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Which is best: spray tanning or sun bed?

You want a tan in super-quick time - what do you do? You could book in for a spray tan that will take 20 minutes, or you could have a quick doze under some UV lights on a sun bed. But which one is better?

Why you should use Spray-tan rather than a sunbed

Bearing in mind that both a sunbed and spray tan will deliver an almost instant glow it’s worth bearing these words, from UltraSun MD Abi Cleeve, in mind: "It’s known that sun beds, especially high intensity models, are linked to skin damage, including cases of skin cancer. It doesn’t make sense to use a sun bed where UVA rays are delivered to the skin without protection."

And if that spray tan doesn’t sound bad, let’s also remember that some formulations include skincare benefits that’ll nourish skin, not damage it. Worth it if you ask me!

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